Tadao Suzuki

Former Chairman of Mercian Corporation

The former Chairman of Mercian Corporation, Mr. Suzuki was born in Hyogo pref. in 1930.  After graduating from the Faculty of Economics of Keio University, he joined Ajinomoto Corp. in 1951. He was appointed as a director of Ajinomoto Corp. in 1971 and a Vice President in 1981. He thereafter served as a President of Mercian Corp. (from 1981) and later as a Chairman for 19 years, passing away in 2010.

Mr. Suzuki also served as a Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Corporate Governance Forum of Japan, a Vice Chairman of the Japan Federation of Employers’ Associations (Nikkeiren), a Director of theJapan Wineries Association, a member of the Board of Councillors of Keio University, and a Chairman of the Rotary Club of Tokyo.

This donation was made by Mr. Tatso Suzuki, the son of the late Mr. Tadao Suzuki, in his father’s name, –  out of respect for his father’s long endeavors to promote good corporate governance during his lifetime.

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