Japanese versus US handling of JSOX/SOX Control Deficiencies

In regards to Subsidiary (in the US) versus US Public Company responsses to JSOX/SOX deficiencies: US Company Execs seem quite accepting of having a handful of minor deficiencies found each quarter as long as there are no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses. They treat these minor deficiencies as a method of improvement to deal with […]

Attitudes Towards Corporate Governance: How do Japanese Views Compare with the Views of Long-Time Foreign Residents Here?

Although there were not enough foreign respondents to BDTI's survey on attitudes by them towards corporate governance to make the results statistically significant, we did get 72 respondents and a number of insights and interesting contrasts.

The full-fledged (prior) response results from Japanese participantsare summarized at bottom below.Below, are some ofthe intriguing highlightsandcontrasts from the survey of foreigners.

“Risk Intelligence” in Practice!

Here in Japan, the extreme importance of risk intelligence – taking on the right amount of risk andunderstanding, avoiding andmanaging the rest – has been made blazingly clear in recent months. These report make clear what are the practices that can be used to optimize risk intelligence, and what are the benefits.


Board Leadership (May 2011)


Fueling the Succession Pipeline(April 2011)