METRICAL:Information Disclosure in English

I have previously written and reported on information disclosure in English. This time, I would like to think about information disclosure in English again. The BDTI and Metrical have repeatedly stressed the importance of information disclosure in English, and recently the TSE released the “Results of a Survey of Foreign Investors on English-language Disclosure”, so this issue is gradually gaining attention. The Tokyo Stock Exchange’s “Availability of English Disclosure Information by Listed Companies” provides information on the disclosure of information in English by listed companies. According to this information, there are three types of information disclosure in English: “Timely Disclosure Documents,” “Notices of General Shareholders Meetings,” “Corporate Governance Reports,” “Annual Securities Reports,” “IR Presentations,” and “IR Website English Links” based on disclosure information provided by listed companies.

According to TSE data as of June 30, 2021, of the 3,782 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 3,730 companies for which data could be compiled disclosed information in English for each item as follows. For IR Presentations and IR Website English Links, about half of the listed companies disclose information in English. The second most commonly disclosed item in English is earnings reports such as financial statements, with 38% of companies disclosing in English. The two reports with the least disclosure in English are the annual securities report (Yuho) and corporate governance report, with 6% and 11% of companies disclosing in English, respectively.