Omron Announces Leading-Edge Corporate Governance, ROIC Policies

Omron has announced leading-edge, detailedcorporate governance policies that focus around many of the principles and conceptsset forth in Japan's new corporate governance code. The shareholder-friendly policies apply a clear definition of independence, require that at least one-third of the board be independent directors,use advisory committees chairedby (and staffed mainly by)such externaldirectors for key functions, and apply a rigorous use of ROIC-based capital allocation.

The Japan Times:”Governance guru pushes Japan Inc. to open up and diversify”

Former trailblazing dean Christina Ahmadjian finds her balance between the classroom and boardroom By Kris Kosaka, June 21, 2015

Christina Ahmadjian, an academic and expert in corporate governance, sits on the boards of several Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Japan Exchange Group, the holding company that oversees the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Often the lone foreigner and only woman in the room, Ahmadjian relishes playing gadfly and applying her research to real-life situations.

CII: “Best Disclosure: Board Evaluation”

The board of directors is the cornerstone of the U.S. model of corporate governance. An effective board ensures that management runs a company in the long-term interests of shareholders, whom the board is elected to represent.

Over time, a board may become complacent or may need new skills and perspectives to respond nimbly to changes in the business environment or strategy. Regular and rigorous self-evaluations help a board to assess its performance and identify and address potential gaps in the boardroom.

RI: “MSCI ESG Research Round Table Report 2015”

Topics covered in the RI Insight/MSCI ESG Research Round Table Report 2015 include:

• The impact of the UK Stewardship Code and other international stewardship codes
• Governance signals of investment risk
• How external fund managers are assessed on stewardship
• Governance practices across Europe and in the US
• Impact of pension fund size on corporate engagement practices
• The asset manager/corporate governance nexus
• Family office and high-net-worth interest
• The growing role of bondholders
• Engagement and co-operation between investors
• Long-term activists

ISS: “Marked Growth in Prevalence of Outside Directors at Japanese Firms – Spike Reflects Impact of Corporate Governance Reform”

(Press release) – Rockville, MD (June 17, 2015) – Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), a leading provider of corporate governance solutions to the global financial community, today announced findings from an analysis of Japanese corporate filings for the 2015 annual meeting season, which show marked growth in the prevalence of outside directors.

Cary Krosinsky: “The Future of Electric Utilities – Calls For Change Proving Disruptive”

There is also clear connectivity between Utilities and Cars and their footprint, as Electric Cars will only be as 'green' as the electricity input is.

Tesla can and will design and sell electric cars, and consumers can buy them as a badge of honor of sorts, but if the car is being charged with electricity sourced from a utility that is mostly burning coal, then electric cars are likely worse for the environment than driving a car, and filling up at your local gas station.