Rudlin Consulting on Nidec’s Work Style Reforms

There is an excellent article in Rudlin Consulting’s newsletter about Nidec’s “work – style” reforms, that will probably “hit the spot” for many in Japan. A juicy excerpt: “One area Nidec tackled was unnecessary meetings. In just 4 months at one of their subsidiaries, Tosok, the number of types of meetings was reduced from 156 […]

April 10th “Director Boot Camp” …Next Course: May 22nd!

BDTI’s April 10th English Director Boot Camp was a great success, with active participation by a diverse group of Japanese and European persons! Participants from various companies heard lectures about corporate governance and related topics by Nicholas Benes and Andrew Silberman of AMT, and exchanged experiences and opinions at a spacious, comfortable room kindly donated for our use by Cosmo Public Relations, a leading communications and PR firm in Tokyo.

Thank you all for coming!

The next course will be held on Tuesday, May 22nd. Sign up now to secure your spot!