An Example for Japan: Germany’s Corporate Governance Commission

At the very outset of its governance code, Germany established a Commission of the Corporate Governance Code, which is required by law to evaluate the Code on an annual basis and proposed any changes or amendments that are needed.  On average, the Commission has amended the Code almost once a year since it was first put in place. Out of its 14 diverse members, 3 are women.

MoFo FCPA and Global Anti-Corruption Team: “Top Ten International Anti-Corruption Developments for October 2015”

In order to provide an overview for busy in-house counseland compliance professionals, we summarize below some of the most important international anti-corruption developments in the past month with links to primary resources. October saw another SEC-only corporate FCPA settlement, an explanation from DOJ as to why theapparent decrease in volume of FCPA criminal actions does not mean anti-corruption is no longer an enforcement priority, an important ruling in an FCPA whistleblower case, and a variety of other anti -corruption developments in the U.S. and abroad.