127 Institutions Sign Up to Japan’s Stewardship Code, Including Three of BDTI’s “Special Sponsors”

123 institutional investors, fund managers, and insurance companies, and four service providershave signed up to comply with Japan's Stewardship Code in what will probably turn out to just the first round of compliance statements. Of these, (only) threeinstitutions are special sponsor (significant donors) to BDTI. The list of signatories, and the code itself, can be downloaded at this link:


Abenomics’ “Third Arrow”: at the Tipping Point

Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Historically, May 23rd, 2014 will probably be seen to be the date when the ruling party of Japan, the LDP, “changed its spots”, mutating from the Old LDP to the New LDP.

It was on that day the LDP’s key growth strategy committee agreed upon its new “Japan RevivalVision”, a detailed 74-page document which definitively separated the LDP from many of the vested interests and obsolete structures that have dominated its past, by setting forth policies for: