METRICAL: CG Top20 Stock Performance of Japan vs. TOPIX (June2024)

In June, the stock market was pushed down in the middle of the month amid the lack of active buyers, but recovered and closed higher at the end of the month.

However, the stock market fell sharply in the middle of the month due to speculation that a certain financial institution, which had suffered heavy losses from its investment in foreign bonds, had conducted an operation to sell passive equity funds to take profits. The stock market then calmed down toward the end of the month and closed slightly higher than at the end of the previous month.
The TOPIX and JPX400 indexes gained 1.40% and 1.63%, respectively, in May, while the CG Top 20 index outperformed significantly both indices up by 2.04%.

【METRICAL】Companies Are Finally at the Starting Line of Taking the First Steps to Improve ROE

On October 26, 2023, the TSE released the “Publication of the List of Disclosed Companies Regarding “Measures to Achieve Management Conscious of Cost of Capital and Stock Prices.” I would like to provide an overview of this document below and consider the issues it discusses.

1. Future initiatives regarding “measures to realize management conscious of cost of capital and stock price”
Publication of the list of disclosing companies, and re-communication of the purpose and points to be noted.
 Publication of a list of companies disclosing information in accordance with the request, with a view to informing investors of the status of companies that are taking steps to comply and to encourage their efforts. The list will be published on January 15, 2024, and will be updated monthly.