Katsuhiko Tanabe

Partner, Tanabe & Partners
Outside Director, Azbil Corporation
Outside Corporate Auditor, JSP Corporation
Corporate Auditor, Katogumi Co., Ltd.
Director, Odakyu Zaidan
Director, Shoyukai Shougakuzaidan
Councilor, Marubun Research Promotion Foundation
Supervisors, Japan Federation of Kaigo Business Providers

After receiving a degree in law from Tokyo University, Mr. Tanabe first worked at Sumitomo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Following his admission to the Japanese bar as an attorney (Tokyo Dai-ichi Bar Association), he joined the law firm of Sakaki Tadatsune. In 1979 he became head partner at Tanabe & Partners, the position that he presently holds.

Mr. Tanabe has served as an outside corporate auditor at The Tokyo Sowa Bank, outside corporate auditor at Sanwa Shutter (now known as Sanwa Holdings), outside corporate auditor at Yamatake Corporation (now known as Azbil Corporation), and outside director at Miraito Holdings Corporation.  Currently, he serves as an outside director at Azbil Corporation, and as an outside corporate auditor at JSP Corporation, Corporate Auditor of Katogumi Co., Ltd., Director of Odakyu Zaidan, Director of Shoyukai Shougakuzaidan, Councilor of Marubun Research Promotion Foundation, Supervisors of Japan Federation of Kaigo Business Providers.

His major published works include “Tax and Legal Affairs at Small and Medium-Size Companies” (published by the Bank Training Company; joint author); “Nikkei Management Handbook” (published by Nikkei PB; joint author); and the Third and Fourth Editions of “Tax, Accounting, and Legal Issues Related to Director Compensation” (published by Seibunsha Corporation; Chief Editor).