BDTIからMeta/Facebook CEOマーク・ザッカーバーグ宛の手紙 – その②

2022年7月27日、公益社団法人会社役員育成機構(BDTI)がMeta Platforms, Inc.(旧称: Facebook, Inc.)の共同創業者兼会長兼CEOのマーク・ザッカーバーグへ日本の認定公益法人・公益財団法人がFBをファンドレイジングに使えるようにしてほしい 趣旨の手紙を送りました。


BDTIからMeta/Facebook CEOマーク・ザッカーバーグ宛の手紙



September 5, 2022
(Resending contents of prior letter.)
Mr. Mark Zuckerberg
Meta/ Facebook
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, California
94025 USA

CC: copies also sent to

Director of Communications
Director of Fundraising Activities Team
Board of Director members via Corporate Secretary

RE: Listing Certified Japanese Non-Profits in Meta/Facebook’s Fundraising Function

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

With apologies for contacting you again on this matter, I am resending the contents of the letter that I sent you and others six weeks ago on July 27th, because I have received no response from anyone at Meta/Facebook. This is despite having also reached out to as many people as I could contact by other means at your company, by finding their contact information on the internet. (I tried to establish contact with at least 10 other persons.)

The Board Director Training Institute of Japan (BDTI), which I lead from here in Tokyo, is a “public interest” nonprofit certified as such by the Japanese government. We provide: 1) training about directorship and corporate governance in Japan; 2) analysis and information dissemination about corporate governance; and 3) structured long-term big data taken from three separate types of disclosure reports in Japan. These are our major activities as approved by Japan’s Cabinet Office.

For your information, “Public interest” nonprofit organizations (公益法人) in Japan must comply with stricter regulations than apply for 501(c ) 3 nonprofits in the U.S. For instance, they are subject to periodic inspections, and must comply with detailed rules concerning such things as the use of funds, expense ratios, and special accounting principles. Based on the value to society of public interest activities and this “quasi-regulated” status, donors to “public interest” nonprofits receive significant tax benefits.

BDTI and other “public interest” nonprofit organizations in Japan would very much like to use Facebook’s fundraising function to gather donations from other Meta/Facebook users. However, this is currently not possible, because no Japanese nonprofits of our category (the highest category in Japan) appear on the list of country “registries” that determine the dropdown menu for fundraising recipient options that can be chosen from when users of Facebook’s user page wish to make a donation. It goes without saying that Japanese users of your network are far more likely to want to donate to Japanese non-profit charities, as opposed to charities in the US, Germany, Denmark, or Luxembourg.

This is rather odd, because the list of certified 公益法人can be easily obtained at this web page of the Cabinet Office:!show#prepage2 . I would be pleased to explain to your staff how this can be done, including downloading a CSV file list of certified organizations. I have already attempted to contact your firm’s employees here in Japan in order to alert them to this issue, and have used the feedback/help button in my account to do the same, but have received no response. Hence, I am writing this letter.

With great respect for Meta/Facebook’s efforts to contribute to society by offering a fundraising option, I would like to request (as a user) that your company include all (公益法人) of all types as possible options in the dropdown menu to select recipients of donations via user accounts.

Thank you very much in advance. If you would be so kind as to introduce me to the persons at your company who are in charge of such matters, we would be pleased to help work out any operational details.



Nicholas Benes
CEO, The Board Director Training Institute of Japan





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