Corporate Governance Rating Of Japan’s Companies (August 2017)

CG Rating Monthly Letter 1. CG Score attribution analysis (08/2016-08/2017) CG score of core research universe of 489 companies for 1 year period from August 2016 to August 2017 rose 0.7 pt to 61.7 pt from 61.0 pt
a year ago. Core universe increased 30 companies to 489 from 459 companies as JPX400 composites have been renewed in the month. The rise in average score keeps improving at modest rate, whereas the change in score from the previous
month of 459 companies from July 2016 to July 2017 rose 0.8 pt. We are reviewing CG enhancement in Japan before / after AGM in June 2017, but that shows modest improvement after AGM. The analysis will be released soon after review.
Please see detail research the following links. CG Score Attribution Analysis for overall universe: CG Score Attribution Analysis
by company: CG score ranking
Top100 companies: Please feel free to contact the below email address if any interest or query. Aki
Matsumoto, CFA Executive Director Metrical Inc.


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