Accelerated Certificate in Company Direction: PICG, IoD join hands to introduce certification

KARACHI: Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG) has joined hands with the UK’s Institute of Directors (IoD) to introduce the globally recognised Accelerated Certificate in Company Direction under the Royal Charter in Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, PICG President and CEO Fuad Hashimi said the qualification will provide Pakistan’s professionals with an opportunity to become part of a global network of trained directors in 34 countries.

Kenya to Set Quotas for Female Directors in Corporate Governance Code

”Kenya’s Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is reviewing the Code of Corporate Governance that will among other things make sure women representation on boards of public listed companies is legalised.

Initially, the regulator wanted companies to abide by the guidelines without making it legal, but CMA Chairman Kung’u Gatabaki complained of lethargy in appointing women to the boards.

He said the issue of men dominating boards is overdue and it was time the corporate world supports women leadership.