Paper: “C” Is for Crucible: Behavioral Ethics, Culture, and the Board’s Role in Csuite Compliance

Paper: “C” Is for Crucible: Behavioral Ethics, Culture, and the Board's Role in Csuite Compliance, by Scott Killingsworth –

C-suite misconduct is a so-called “wicked problem,” a type of social problem with many interacting parts and no single correct solution, where interventions produce unexpected results, the problem is redefined as solutions are tested, and the solution itself is never finished. The pure command-and-control solution to misconduct – regulation, monitoring, punishment, and deterrence – has been tested and proven inadequate to the task, prompting a more nuanced exploration of the causes and cures of ethical lapses.

This article aims to redefine the problem by examining several of those causes in thespecific context of the C-suite environment. In the next issue of Business Compliance we will discuss approaches to an improved solution, with particular attention to the role of the board as recruiter, overseer, coach and role-model for senior executives.

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