BDTI Year-End Donation Campaign and Update

We would greatly appreciate it if you could possibly donate to BDTI, and even if not, forward this link to any and all.  Thank you for your support !
Friends, Supporters, and Compatriots Overseas , — As the end of the year approaches, we at The Board Director Training Institute of Japan want to recognize all of the people who have helped us fulfill our dream of adequately training directors in Japan. Our small organization and its passionate team have endured for 13 years, and have managed to have an outsized impact. For a full list of our recent activities, I hope you’ll read the update below of our recent activities and milestones, to see just how much of an impact your contributions can have, and for many of you, did have.
Every donation provides much-needed fuel for our many courses, seminars, webinars, and outreach activities in support of better corporate governance in Japan, where the market-clearing price for director training is still very low.  As you consider your tax position at the end of 2022, we humbly ask if you would be willing to contribute whatever you can to help us continue this amazing journey and the successes we’ve had.
There are two ways of donating. The most efficient way (which we prefer) is to donate to us directly by following the remittance instructions on the attached form, or paying by credit card here:  . (In either case we need you to fill out the form.) Donating direct helps to minimize the fees taken out from your support and still allows you to donate in either JPY or USD. A hefty tax credit is available for Japanese taxpayers.
If you wish to deduct your donation for US tax purposes, you can also donate via Give2Asia, which will accept a donation on our behalf: , although some fees will be taken out in the process.

Either method will help greatly given that the past couple of years have been difficult financially as we dealt with the pandemic while also investing for the future. But we are making steady progress, and remain committed to our mission, supported as it is by persons like yourself.
Nicholas Benes, Representative Director and CEO
The Board Director Training Institute of Japan — English web site:

Our Japanese web site contains much more detail: , and use Google Translate or other machine translation 

BDTI’s Youtube Channel – which has many past Webinars, some in English:

Update of BDTI’s Activities in 2022
  1. BDTI director training continues at about the same torrid pace as last year 
  2. In our “open to public courses” in the first half (144 persons), about 60% were women – 
    • partly because of a one-time scholarship that was funded by a supporter
    • partly because of increased interest from women, who are more likely to register with our Director Bank
  1. Other highlights:
    • multiple “single company” training courses given
    • last year, started an “advanced” 2nd level course for outside directors, going well
    • now building a “case studies only” course for persons who have completed our our two “core” day-long programs 
    • also considering design of a finance course, which would have a number of sessions
    • –this depends on demand and resources…but this is badly needed
    • we also hold about 6-7 free webinars per year, many of which can be viewed on our Youtube channel  (several of these are in English, such as events starring Larry Bates and others on the role of the General Counsel, and the leaders of HR and other transformation at Hitachi and other global companies)s

  1. Increasing sales of our Data Dashboard for all corporate disclosure, including governance-related data
    • which makes collecting any data much faster and more efficient (yuho, CG reports, voting result reports)
    • and allows for quick viewing of any document in English,
    • and also enables screening, and comparison with benchmarks the user defines,
    • and now includes allegiant holdings in BOTH directions – holdings, and who holds that company “allegiantly”
  1. Are also providing direct access to our “big data” CG-related databases (see attached file)
    • not just to quant funds, but also to major asset managers
    • quant funds report they are getting alpha, are renewing their licenses
  1. Commencing three research projects to get better insights as to what are the apparent CG drivers of superior corporate performance 
    • all will use our database, because it is superior to alternative – structured, has unique data items, covers all three main documents, and allows for NLP
    • one is our own project we are doing in-house
    • two are collaborations with famous professors at three different universities

Best Regards,
Nicholas Benes

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