IMA Survey on Adherence to the UK’s Stewardship Code

IMA’s fourth report on adherence to the FRC’s Stewardship Code looks at the activities that support institutional investors’ commitment to the Code in the period to 30 September 2013.

Current survey

The report summarises the responses of 82 Asset Managers, 27 Asset Owners and five Service Providers to a questionnaire that had been developed under the direction and oversight of a Steering Group chaired by the FRC’s Chief Executive. The report demonstrates that:

there was a significant increase in respondents’ resource for engagement;

stewardship is referred to in the mandates of an increasing proportion of asset managers;

business strategy, board leadership and board composition are the three issues respondents consider to be most important for engagement, followed by board remuneration;

more respondents give companies advance notice of their intention to abstain or vote against a resolution;

nearly all respondents report to their clients or beneficiaries on their stewardship activities.

The report also focuses on ten case studies providing evidence of engagement and its impact on corporate behaviour. The companies concerned were Barclays, Glencore Xstrata, AngloAmerican, Carnival, RSA Insurance Group, First Group, Lonmin, Bumi, Afren, and Redrow. A summary of these case studies is included in thereportand an in-depth analysis is set out separatelyhere.

Past reports

Thefirst reportwas launched at an event on 24 May 2011 with thesecond reportpublished in June 2012 and thethird reportpublished in June 2013.

Presentations from the Event:

Liz Murrall, Director, Corporate Governance and Reporting at the IMA
Lindsay Tomlinson, Chairman of the National Association of Pension Funds

Speeches from the Event:

Liz Murrall, Director, Corporate Governance and Reporting at the IMA
Stephen Haddrill, CEO Financial Reporting Council

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FRC's Comments

The Board Director Training Institute (BDTI) is a "public interest" nonprofit in Japan dedicated to training about directorship, corporate governance, and related management techniques. It is certified by the Japanese government to conduct these activities as a regulated nonprofit. Read a summary about BDTI here, and see a menu of its services for both corporations and investors here.

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