Governance Screening Tool for ALL Companies in Japan – Just ONE of GoToData Dashboard’s Features!

GoToData Dashboard’s screening tool shows us that only 75% (1464) of all TSE1 firms have nom + com committees, but only 842 of them are chaired by outside directors. At only 51 of those firms does an outside director serve as chair of the board, and 44 firms in that group have at least one female board member. Below, read more of the interesting results from this demonstration of the screening tool.

Regardless of board chair, 643 firms have a woman on the board. 575 of these firms have 33% or more independent directors, but only 43 of them have an outside director as board chair. If we raise the independent director bar to 50%, we are left with only 27 firms. We can examine the list to see who these firms are and see the years in which they met these criteria.

This screening tool is just ONE useful feature of the dashboard, the data for which is updated daily and taken from our much larger structured databases. Test drive most of the other features (we are adding new ones) using this demo version limited to the rubber products industry:

Enjoy, and contact BDTI at to learn more!

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