Few Seats Remaining for December 2, 2020 Boot Camp!

The next Boot Camp will be on Wednesday, December 2, 2020. Course will be on ZOOM, so anyone in the world can join. Few seats remaining, so make sure to sign up now!
This one-day intensive program teaches participants key legal and corporate governance knowledge they need to responsibly serve on, report to, or analyze boards of Japanese companies, both public and private. The course consists of short lectures interspersed with time for interactive discussion and Q&A about real-life situations that occur on boards, and how to handle them. The course is usually good fun for everybody, since we learn from each others’ experiences, as well as from BDTI. The course covers topics such as:

  • Intro to corporate governance; the role of directors and the board
  • What is legally required of directors under the Company Law?
  • Important corporate law and securities law topics
  • Legal and liability issues, and how to handle them
  • Director duties and conflict-of-interest situations
  • Statutory auditors, internal control, and the audit process
  • The role of the board in strategy and risk management
  • Best practices, committees, and succession planning
  • Japan’s new corporate governance code
  • Changing “corporate governance culture” in organizations
  • The global wave of ESG investing

Please contact us at info@bdti.or.jp if you are interested.

Class Size: Maximum of 10 persons per class
Time Required:             One-day course (9:30 am~17:30 pm)
Course Fee: Regular price:   ¥65,000 (Participating members, ¥39,000 ) Prices are inclusive of consumption tax. There will be a charge of 20,000 Yen for cancellations made within two weeks of the course date.
Location: December 2 (Wed) via WEB conference system

The first Boot Camp in 2021 is planned via teleconference on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021. Sign up early! Please see a description of our director training course here or click the button below for further information.

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