Vision with Core Values and Ideologies enhances a company’s life cycle

We have been observing that life cycles of the companies are shortening every 5 years. The visionary companies are time tested and standing tall and withstanding the headwinds and adversaries in the journey of the Company Life Cycle of even 100 years! Who are such visionary companies? What they do and How they do? What is that core substance which get them glued from “Top to Bottom” with the same mission? How a company can be distinguished as a “VISIONARY COMPANY” from other peer following company?

The answer is : any  visionary company define its CORE VALUES in its charter itself which is sacrosanct and followed by the Board of Directors, C-Suit Executives and the last man in the company. What are those? Every company set them in the context of its own sector of the economy or functionality. For example,  SONY in Japan seems to have adopted the below Core Values:

  1. to Experience the sheer joy that comes from the advancement, application and innovation of technology that benefits the general public.
  2. To elevate the Japanese culture and national status.
  3. Being a pioneer- not following others, but doing the impossible.
  4. Respecting and encouraging everyone’s ability and creativity.
  5. Interdependent balance between responsibility to customers, employees, society, Government and shareholders.
  6. Honesty and Integrity.

Once the above are spelt out and adopted by its founders, Board of Directors the same is monitored at each level and deviations are responded accordingly.

May I request the Company Secretaries and The Board of Directors of your companies to kindly review your respective companies’ CORE VALUES.

Hemant Paliwal

BDTI Member

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