Media Reports on the AGM Season in Japan and Increased Pressure on Firms from Investors

The Financial Times reported the result of LIXIL’s AGM in an article entitled “Lixil vote goes to wire in key test for corporate Japan”. The FT also suggested that “Investors in Japan should take heart from the return of Kinya Seto” (as CEO at LIXIL).

Bloomberg wrote that the “feud shows how investors are becoming more hands-on in country” in the article ‘Dramatic Board Feud Turns Quiet Investor Into Activist in Japan”.

Jiji Press indicated the recent trend on the record high shareholders proposals in an article “Japan shareholders increasingly critical of executive pay, scandals”.

Frankly there have been so many articles along similar lines in both the foreign and domestic press, that we cannot collect them all here, and have only shown a few examples. It seems that social acceptance of “hands on” corporate governance and shareholder voting has increased significantly, as has domestic and foreign investors’ willingness to play an active role.

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