Rudlin Consulting on Nidec’s Work Style Reforms

There is an excellent article in Rudlin Consulting’s newsletter about Nidec’s “work – style” reforms, that will probably “hit the spot” for many in Japan. A juicy excerpt:

“One area Nidec tackled was unnecessary meetings. In just 4 months at one of their subsidiaries, Tosok, the number of types of meetings was reduced from 156 to 89, and their total occurrence was reduced from 716 to 440 a year.  The number of hours spent on meetings fell from 533 hours to 240 hours a year.

Meetings that did not have a result were particularly targeted, such as the “related divisions information exchange meetings”.  New rules were introduced such as:

  1. Meetings should only take 45 minutes, or 25 minutes for short meetings
  2. Participants should all be told the purpose of the meeting, the schedule and the expected results beforehand
  3. Only the absolutely necessary people should attend
  4. #2 should be reviewed at the beginning of the meeting
  5. 1 page per topic, distributed before the meeting
  6. At the end of the meeting, conclusions and homework should be agreed, and who is in charge of each action point
  7. The minutes of the meeting should be written during the meeting and circulated within 24 hours after the meeting”

Here is the complete article on Nidec’s work style reforms.




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