Networking forum for non-Japanese executives at Japanese firms and their Japanese counterparts

Recently, many major Japanese companies have been bringing non-Japanese executives to Japan to fill key roles in their global operations. Diversifying the ranks of senior executives is an important step forward for Japanese firms. But it also represents a significant change in terms of how communication and decision-making works at the highest levels of the organization.
Non-Japanese executives working in Japan have few chances to meet their peers at other Japanese firms. There are also few chances to have in-depth and meaningful conversations about the unique issues faced by Japanese companies in the process of becoming truly global entities.

Based on its long experience organizing forums for Japanese executives, the well-regarded Business Research Institute is establishing a new forum designed for non-Japanese executives in Japan and their Japanese counterparts to participate in together. This new forum will provide an important opportunity for networking and discussion. It will be held entirely in English, and will provide the opportunity for frank and in-depth exchange of opinions in a confidential setting.

As the kick-off event for this new forum, a special half-day seminar will be held on April 16th in Tokyo. This seminar will feature presentations by a Japanese consultant who specializes in helping globalizing Japanese companies, an American consultant specializing in the human resources and cross-cultural issues faced by Japanese multinationals, and an American who is currently serving in a senior role in a Japanese firm.

Please join us for this seminar, which is sure to be thought-provoking and stimulating. And if you enjoy the interaction, please consider joining us for the ongoing monthly forums.

Details and registration can be found here.

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