Corporate Governance in Japan 2017 – Report

This is an insightful report with some similar conclusions that recent analysis by BDTI and Metrical (Titlis) also reveals, which will be the subject of a seminar on 3/16.  In particular, the presence of large owners matters, foreign shareholders select well-governed and well-performing companies (a leading indicator for decades), and the quality of directors matters.  The latter point is the reason why BDTI is focused like a laser on director training. The pilot analogy has been in my materials since 2014. I am tickled pink if the FSA has adopted it.  Quote:  “Improving board behaviour is a mindset issue, not a regulatory one. A successful company should be willing to encourage open debate. More so for a company that has been struggling for years with its strategic direction. ….. Independent directors should not be viewed as an ‘unavoidable cost’ but as a ‘wise investment’ for firms. …Would an airline actively seek unqualified pilots to fly its passengers?”

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