”Research Reveals “Human” Issues as Top Cyber Security and Business Risk”

”…Based upon the data collected from the first global survey to capture the voice of cyber security professionals on the state of their profession, this final report of the two-part series, titled “Through the Eyes of Cyber Security Professionals: Annual Research Report (Part II),” concludes:

  • The clear majority (92%) believe that an average organization is vulnerable to some type of cyber-attack or data breach.
  • People and organizational issues contribute to the onslaught of security incidents.
  • Most organizations are feeling the effect of the global cyber security skills shortage.
  • Cyber security professionals have several suggestions to help improve the current situation.
  • Sixty-two percent (62%) believe critical infrastructure is very vulnerable to cyber-attacks.
  • Sixty-six percent (66%) believe government cyber security strategy tends to be incoherent and incomplete.
  • Eighty-nine percent (89%) of cyber security professionals want more help from their governments

“The results gleaned from this research are both alarming and enlightening. Alarming in the sense that if we don’t collectively pay attention to the cries for help, we will put businesses unnecessarily at risk. Enlightening in that organizations need to be willing to invest in their cyber security professionals, with clearly defined career paths and skills development in order to hire and retain qualified employees,” said Candy Alexander, Cyber Security Consultant and ISSA’s Chair of the Cyber Security Career Lifecycle. “This research data will help the ISSA and other professional groups to clearly define career paths for our profession.”

The report also lays out the “Top 5 Research Implications” as a guideline for cyber security professionals and the organizations they work for. Recommended Oltsik, “Assume your organization will experience one or several cyber-attacks or data breaches and take the cyber security skills shortage into account as part of every initiative and decision. Push for more all-inclusive cyber security training and, as importantly, get involved in educating and lobbying business executives and lobby government legislators alike.”

To download the full report please visit: https://www.issa.org/page/issaesg_survey_P2 or http://www.esg-global.com/ESG-ISSA-Research-Report.

To download the first report please visit:  http://www.issa.org/esgsurvey/ or http://www.esg-global.com/ESG-ISSA-Research-Report .”


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