”Why Can’t Boards Get CEO Succession Right?”

”It’s been 25 years since Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld’s landmark book The Hero’s Farewell vividly documented the challenges and failures of CEO succession planning at large publicly traded companies, and not much has changed beyond the exponential growth in what the top executives get paid.

A typical view was expressed by a CEO interviewed for a report chaired by Sonnenfeld for the National Association of Corporate Directors a few years after the book came out. When asked for his thought on finding a successor, the CEO “joked” that he was going to try to find the geneticist who figured out how to clone Dolly the Sheep so that he could stay in charge forever.

The NACD report urged boards to take control of succession planning, but too often boards still defer to the CEO on succession planning as they do on compensation, acquisitions, strategy and board membership itself. That last is the reason that even capable, accomplished executives tend to relinquish authority to the CEO who appoints, informs, and compensates them……………”

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Source: Huffpost Business

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