”Executive Women Symposium Reception”

Photograph of the Prime Minister delivering an address

Photograph of the Prime Minister delivering an address

”Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the Executive Women Symposium Reception held in Tokyo.

The Prime Minister said in his address,

“Good evening. My name is Shinzo Abe. I would like to express my sincere thanks for being invited to this event, where you are all directly tackling the urgent issue facing Japan, “Japanese corporations transformed by women executives.”

I will create opportunities whereby, if they have the drive, anyone can actively be engaged in the betterment of the world and society. This will lead to a Japan with great vitality and dynamism. Since the inauguration of the second Abe Cabinet, we have consistently followed these ideas. I firmly believe that the dynamic engagement of all citizens that values each and every person is the ultimate growth strategy.

Active participation by women lies at the core of this, and continues to be the greatest challenge. Abemomics is womenomics. Creating a society in which all women shine is essential for growth.

Through the active participation of women, the countries of Northern Europe have successfully achieved both economic growth and rising birth rates. The biggest barrier facing Japan in order to follow in these countries’ footsteps is its male-centered working culture premised on long working hours. Nagatacho and Kasumigaseki, where I am based, are truly examples of this.

We will spread a corporate culture where working efficiently within a limited time is valued, and where husbands also actively take childcare leave, and both partners in a couple share the housework and child-rearing. We will make this the norm for Japan…….”

Source: The Prime Minister in Action News – http://japan.kantei.go.jp/97_abe/actions/201602/17article3.html

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