Cary Krosinsky: “The Future of Electric Utilities – Calls For Change Proving Disruptive”

There is also clear connectivity between Utilities and Cars and their footprint, as Electric Cars will only be as ‘green’ as the electricity input is.

Tesla can and will design and sell electric cars, and consumers can buy them as a badge of honor of sorts, but if the car is being charged with electricity sourced from a utility that is mostly burning coal, then electric cars are likely worse for the environment than driving a car, and filling up at your local gas station.

Companies locked in with old facilities and old ways of thinking are at minimum increasingly risky investments.

These things will play out differently in different parts of the world, for example, Japan seeks to ramp Nuclear back up even after the Fukushima disaster as the country gets very hot in summer and cannot fully replace the needed baseload. Replacing the world’s energy use from renewable sources won’t be quick or easy but it is an area of increasing focus and financial success.

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