Turkey “How Is the First-Time Used Electronic General Meeting System Received?”

Excerpt: Investors Are Generally Content With the System –

As for investors’ reaction, comments from investors conveyed to our association note mostly that e-GEM system is an easy way of voting. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, at least on the basis of comments we received, that “investors are content”.

Even so, we have asked questions about the issue to Vuslat Sümen, a lawyer who is very experienced in general meetings and who have attended a lot of general meetings for years on behalf of institutional investors. Sümen says e- GEM has eliminated the obligation on the part of investors to go to the MKK and get a letter of blockage for every general meeting to be attended, and shortened the application period to the last day before the meeting date. Sümen adds, “On the other hand, duration of blockage on the share is shortened and investors’ power of disposition regarding the share is facilitated. This system enabled savings in time and costs that are incurred when the investor physically attends the meeting. An investor participating in e-GEM can easily watch the general meetings of companies whose shares he holds, through a much easier method.”


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