What is Corporate Culture?

The most important step to introduce successful planned change management programs is to understand the corporate culture of an organization.

We all know that companies with outstanding financial performance often have powerful corporate cultures, suggesting that “culture” is the key to an organization’s success.

Cultural change does not happen in an organization; it is usually result of a complex change strategy implemented by company’s management.

Let’s examine what is corporate culture all about:

A corporate culture is a system of shared values and beliefs that interact with an organization’s people, structure, and system to produce behavioral norms (“the way things are done around here”)

Therefore, Corporate Culture is defined as “an interdependent set of beliefs, values, ways of behaving, and tools for living that are so common in a community that they tend to perpetuate themselves, sometimes over a long periods of time.”

A corporate culture gives the whole organization a sense of how to behave, what to do, and where to set the priorities in getting the job done.

Corporate culture helps members fill in the blanks between formal directives and how the work actually is done.

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