European Board Diversity Analysis 2010 ‒ Is it getting easier to find women on European boards? (Egon Zehnder)

With mounting pressure for a better gender balance on boards and senior executive teams, the number of women directors in many European countries is increasing steadily, but slowly. These are the results of recent research into female directors at a total of 340 companies across 17 European countries conducted by Egon Zehnder International.

Varieties of Capitalism + Investments in Human Capital

This paper explores the relationship between national institutional archetypes and investments in training and development. A recent trend within the literature on comparative capitalism has been to explore the nature and extent of heterogeneity within the coordinated market economies (CMEs) of Europe. Based on a review of the existing comparative literature on training and development, […]

TSE Releases Public Comments Submitted Regarding its Corporate Governance Proposals to Restore Confidence in Markets

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has releasedmost of the results of its recent public comment process regarding its ownproposed measures to restore public confidence to the securities markets. Because the TSE had only proposed that it publish a handbook to be given to outside board members, many comments focused on the need for the TSE to promulgate rules requiring director training or at least the disclosure of company policy abou it.

Nomura’s “Individual Investor Survey” Shows Big Change in Public Attitudes—> External Directors Are Needed

From Page 11 – 「 (8) Views on the appointment of external directors
For this month's spot question, we asked individual investors about their views on the appointment of external directors. On the issue of making the appointment of external directors mandatory, the highest proportion of respondents—32.4%—chose the answer appointing more than one clearly independent external director should be mandatory ….

Interesting Article about Kobe Court Judgment (Charle, Case re MBO Valuations)

The Kobe District court recently handed down a judgment ordering a company to disclose information relating to its MBO (excluding information which the exposure of which could potentially harm whistleblowers).

Some are calling this a very significant judgment, though we will have to see how it plays out (including any appeals).

Recording of Expert Panel: ” After Olympus, What Do Foreign Investors Want Most From Japanese Companies?”

Regarding the expert panel event that BDTI recentlyorganized – After Olympus, What Do Foreign Investors Want Most From Japanese Companies? onMay 28, 16:00 —> For those who missed it, the recording to this event is available for the same price of the event (personal use only).

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