Book: ” Business Law in Japan – Cases and Comments – Intellectual Property, Civil, Commercial and International Private Law”

Edited by: Moritz Bälz, Marc Dernauer, Christopher Heath, Anja Petersen-Padber.Note:Harald Baum is an Advisorto BDTI – Compilations of cases with commentary – in Japanese Hanrei Hyakusen – often provide the most practical way to obtain a quick and reliable understanding of a specific field of law, as well as guidance on how best to proceed in specific situations. In this respect, leading cases much more than statutory provisions are essential for understanding the reality of Japanese commercial law.

This incomparable book compiles 72 of the most important commercially relevant Japanese court decisions in the fields of civil law, labour law, company law, financial transactions, intellectual property, antitrust, conflict of laws, and arbitration. Each decision is presented in English translation and is accompanied by a practical and explanatory commentary by an expert in the field, be it from academia or private practice. There are 50 commentators in all, brought together here to honour the 60th birthday of Harald Baum, widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost scholars on Japanese business law. The cases encompass a wide reach of causes of action in fields such as:

breach of contract;

tort liability;

product liability;

unjust enrichment;

collective bargaining;

shareholders’ rights;

directors’ duty of care;

political donations;

insider trading;

patent infringement;

parallel imports;

trade mark rights;

unfair competition;

publicity rights;

price fixing;

arbitration agreements; and

recognition of foreign judgements.

Whether serving as practical guidance or as a basis for academic research, this compilation will be warmly welcomed by practicing lawyers, teachers and students of Japanese and international law, and all others who need to understand the various fields of Japanese commercial law.

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