BDTI To Start Section on “ESG and Responsible Investment”

As you can see from the carefully hidden little section at the lower right of the Discussion Forum page, BDTI is preparing a section on ESG and responsible investment. (Please note that his is still a work in progress; so any ideas and additional information are welcome, as longas you help do the work tosummarize, organize etc., as this is a user-generated contents site….)

A Look Back at Access Shareholder Proposals in 2007

As we prepare for the upcoming proxy season and the answer to the question of whether we will see many, any, or only a few targeted, proxy access shareholder proposals (see the Davis Polk memo), we look back to the last time when proponents had the opportunity to make access proposals. In 2007, two major […]

Spotlight on Shareholder Proposals: Internal Pay Ratio Disclosure

Section 953(b) of Dodd-Frank requires companies to disclose the internal pay ratio between the total annual compensation of their CEO and the median total annual compensation of their employees. Effectiveness of the requirement has been delayed until the SEC promulgates implementing rules. Meanwhile, companies have complained that the calculations required to comply with the disclosure requirement are burdensome and unfeasible, and proposals for Section 953(b)’s repeal have been introduced in Congress.

A Win, of Sorts, for Goldman – What is Next?

As revealed in court documents filed last week, a series of lawsuits filed in New York by shareholders who claimed that bonuses paid to Goldman Sachs employees resulted in corporate waste were dismissed on September 21, 2011. Security Police & Fire Professionals of America Retirement Fund and Judith A. Miller sued the investment bank in […]