” The Corporation ” (Movie)

Too big to fail. Massive externalization of risks. Environmental damage. Institutionalized moral hazard…..

Corporations havebecome so powerful over the years. Surely, they are one of the dominant institutions in today's world.

In an era when we see so much damages caused by corporations, maybe it is good idea to look at the origin, history and evolution of corporations and to rethink about what corporations really exist for.

The Corporation is well-made documentary film that considers thelegal status of corporations, but also looks at themas if they were actuallyaclass of person and evaluatestheir behaviour towards society and the world at large as a psychiatrist might evaluate an ordinary person. It is generally critical towards modern day corpotations. Yet I believe it is worth checking out.

Food for thought, much of which is similar to thinking behind the ESG investing movement.

You can view or download the whole film from:


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