Panel Discussion: Hostile Takeovers and Defenses – Implications from Delaware Law

Hostile takeovers and Defenses – Implications from Delaware Law UT Soft Law Review, No. 2 is available at the following URL:

Keynote Speeches
Hideki Kanda, Takeover Defenses and the Role of Law in Japan
Jack Jacobs, Developing an Infrastructure for Hostile Takeovers: The Delaware Experience
Curtis Milhaupt, Comment: Developing Takeover Policy in the United States and Japan

Panel Discussion
Japanese Legal Structure for Corporate Acquisition: Analyses and Prospects

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Justice, Guidelines Regarding Takeover Defense for the Purpose of Protection and Enhancement of Corporate Value and Shareholders' Common Interest (May 27, 2005)
Corporate Value Study Group, Takeover Defense Measures in Light of Recent Environmental Changes (June 30, 2008)
Bull-Dog source (Supreme Court Judgment of August 7, 2007, Supreme Court Reports (civil cases) vol.61 no.5, p.2215)
Bell System 24 (Tokyo High Court Judgment of August 4, 2004, Finance and commerce judicial precedent No.1201 p.4)
Nippon Broadcasting System (Tokyo High Court Judgment of March 23, 2005, Hanrei-jiho No. 1899, p. 56)
Nireco (Tokyo High Court Judgment of June 15, 2005, Hanrei Jiho No. 1900: 156)
Japan Engineering Consultants (Tokyo District Court Judgment of July 29, 2005, Hanrei-jiho 1909, p.87)

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