Hoang C. C. et al : ”Institutional Investors and Trends in Board Refreshment”

”As many institutional investors have concluded, prevailing governance policies and practices have not produced desired board refreshment, which these investors would support in order to strengthen expertise, promote diversity and provide fresh perspectives in the board room. At the same time, companies and investors alike appreciate that term and age limits, as they have been typically applied, may not be the solutions, because they force the arbitrary retirement of valuable directors.

”A corporate governance cure-all?”

”A set of new rules unveiled by the Tokyo Stock Exchange requires all companies listed on its First and Second sections to have at least two independent outside directors on their board. The move is in line with the Abe administration’s push to beef up corporate governance as a way of attracting more foreign investors. […]

PB Analytics – Japanese Boards, Composition at FYE













Excerpt: As of the last full year end for the 3,678 companies in the PacificData database, there were 4,267 Independent Directors or 10.6% of the total number of Directors. The total number of female Directors was just 966 or 2.4% of the total – well below even the 9.5% ratio of female members of Japan’s House of Representatives.

ISS: “Marked Growth in Prevalence of Outside Directors at Japanese Firms – Spike Reflects Impact of Corporate Governance Reform”

(Press release) – Rockville, MD (June 17, 2015) – Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), a leading provider of corporate governance solutions to the global financial community, today announced findings from an analysis of Japanese corporate filings for the 2015 annual meeting season, which show marked growth in the prevalence of outside directors.