Results of 30-Second Survey – Asians and Westerners DO Think Differently !!

As we consider the design ofBDTI's group learning courses for training directors and executives in Japan, I have been reading various books on the influence of language and culture on fundamental thought processes. I am particularly interested in the studies described in The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently… And Why(Free Press, 2003), a book by Professor Richard Nisbett of the University of Michigan.

“Corporate Governance in Asia” Report by CLSA and ACGA

CLSA and the Asian Corporate Governance Association have published their 2010 version of CG Watch Asia. Japan's score moved up a to 57%, a level that however is still 23 percentage points below what ACGA considers to be the global best-practice score of 80%.The Japan section of the report is available on BDTI' data library. The full report can be purchased from ACGA.

TSE Seminar to “Clarify” Role of Independent Directors

The Nikkei reported that the TSE will soon invite independent directors to a seminar. …TSE is taking this unusual step because it believes that some firms still lack a full understanding of how independent directors and auditors should exercisse their oversight of management on shareholders' behalf.

The seminar will be open to about 1,500 people, and will feature speeches by officials who were involved in the introduction of the TSE requirement.