Ongoing Net Decline in Parent Subsidiary (Mr. Nishiyama at Nomura)

Fewer than 300 listed subsidiaries with listed parents for first time since end-FY98 — Based on Toyo Keizai major shareholder data, we estimate that 298 companies were listed subsidiaries with listed parents as of end-FY12 H1 (end-September 2012). This represents a net decrease of eight from 304 as of end-FY11 (end-March 2012) (Figure 1). The number has fallen below 300 for the first time in the 13 and a half years since end-FY98, when there were 281.

Main reason for decline is delisting on conversion to wholly owned subsidiary.

“Shining Light on Corporate Political Spending” – by Lucian A. Bebchuk and Robert J. Jackson, Jr.

Abstract: This Article puts forward the case for SEC rules requiring public companies to disclose their political spending. We present empirical evidence indicating that a substantial amount of corporate spending on politics occurs under investors’ radar screens and that shareholders have significant interest in receiving information about such spending. We argue that disclosure of corporate political spending is necessary to ensure that such spending is consistent with shareholder interests.