Summary of Michael’s Woodford’s Speech to the CII: “If you’re thinking of investing in Japan: Don’t”

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April 03, 2012

TSE Public Comment wrt restoring mkt confidence

Hi all, writing to say that I submitted, as a US-based investor in Japanese equities, a comment that seems to touch on points similar to those BDTI advocates. In summary, since public companies' in Japan have boards comprised primarily of executive directors, training for a lone, or small majority of, outside director(s) is insufficient. More independent directors are of course welcomed from the point of view of investors. However, there needs to be assurance that executive and outside directors are qualified to serve as such.

CFA Institute: Review of Companies Act – Interim Report

The CFA Institute Standards and Financial Market Integrity Division and CFA Society of Japan made comments on the main item in the document, namely on the introduction of independent directors. And to ensure proper fulfillment of the function of independent director, CFA Institute strongly suggests proper training of directors, as below.