METRICAL – CG Stock Performance (Japan): February 2024

The February stock market continued to be strong from the beginning of the month.
In February, the CG Top 20 underperformed both the TOPIX and JPX400 stock indices.

Supported by high overseas stock market prices in the U.S. and other countries, the Japanese stock market was also solid throughout the month, with the Nikkei 225 hitting its all-time high in 1989 on February 22. The stocks continued to be firm toward the end of the month.
The TOPIX and JPX400 indexes gained 4.83% and 4.75%, respectively, in February, while the CG Top20 stocks underperformed against both indexes, dipping -0.97%.

The composites of CG Top 20 stocks has been replaced as of July 1.
Wacom (6727), K’s Holdings (8282), Eisai (4523), NSD (9757), and Trend Micro (4704) were new additions, while Ebara Corporation (6361), Orix (8591), United Arrows (7606), Tokyo Gas (9531) and Hoosiers Holdings (3284) were removed. Details of the component stocks are shown in the table below.

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Aki Matsumoto, CFA
Executive Director
Metrical Inc.

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