METRICAL:CG Stock Performance: February 2021

February stocks edged lower with a sharp decline. CG Top 20 stocks underperformed Topix and JPX400 during the month.

In February, the stock market immediately made up for the plunge at the end of the previous month, with the Nikkei 225 index getting off to a strong start, reaching the 30,000-yen level for the first time in 30 years. However, the stocks edged lower with a sharp decline on the last day of the month, due to a plunge in U.S. stocks, especially technology stocks, on concerns about rising U.S. Treasury yields.
CG Top 20 CG rose 1.61% during the month, while Topix and JPX400 indices gained 3.17% and 2.91%, respectively. Cumulative performance of CG Top 20 Stocks continued to outperform significantly as shown in the chart below.

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Aki Matsumoto, CFA
Executive Director
Metrical Inc.

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