Standard Life Investment and Tomorrow’s Company: Practical Recommendations for More Effective Investor Stewardship

”Stewardship is a term that is nowadays part of daily parlance in investment and business circles. Stewardship is recognised as important by governments and regulators. Stewardship is no longer an optional extra and has to be taken seriously.

Despite this, stewardship still struggles to secure its place at the heart of the relationships between those involved in the stewardship chain. We believe this has to change. There is a ‘stewardship gap’ that needs to be closed so that every player in the stewardship chain – asset owners, investment advisors and investment managers – plays their part to promote the success of companies and deliver long-term prosperity.
To stimulate change and build momentum for improvements to bridge the stewardship gap we have developed a number of practical recommendations, which build on the success of the UK Stewardship Code and seeks to raise the bar from compliance to excellence.

If implemented, these recommendations will improve transparency and lift the lid on stewardship. Savers have an implicit right to know how professional investors are fulfilling their stewardship responsibilities and need an improved basis for giving them direction and holding them to account. Although this report and its recommendations focus on investor stewardship in the UK, we believe many of the messages are relevant around the globe where the potential for investor stewardship is undeniable.”

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