Consultation on the Green Book on Corporate Governance of the European Commission on the “Comply or Explain” Principle

Now that Japan will adoptthe comply-or-explain principle in its Company Law, evermore relevant: Abstract – How can the existing Corporate Governance mechanisms at the European level be improved? ….This paper discusses some of the answers proposed by the civil society following the Green Book on the topic and the public consultation launched by the European Commission on one of the aspect at the heart of Corporate Governance: The Comply or Explain Principle.

Corporate Governance in Hong Kong: ‘The State of Affairs’ (dated, but useful: training needed)

Abstract – Hong Kong is a unique cosmopolitan business hub driven by pragmatism with a Chinese flair, in which, for many Chinese enterprises, corporate law and governance were introduced as alien concepts. As in many other countries, Hong Kong is obligated by international markets to embrace these requirements. Yet many business operators lack even the understanding of basic company law, partly because the obligations are incompatible with the values and corporate cultures nurtured in Hong Kong.

Japan Exchange Group – “Policy Recommendations from JPX Financial and Capital Markets Workshop”

Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) was launched in January 2013 with the future vision of becoming the most preferred exchange in the Asian region. However, Tokyo Market relatively loses its international competitiveness, as Hong Kong/Singapore's development, the rise of Asian countries, and accelerated financial system reform in China.

The market conditions looks sustaining it's strong economic performance thanks to the effect of Abenomics, but as Japanese financial and capital markets, there still remains many issues to be resolved.