Key Documents Related to the Development of Principles for Global Ethics and Compliance

Here are some of the key documents that are described by Keith Darcy in his articlethe previous entry (or memos about them), which led – and are leading to – an inevitable convergence and upgrading of ethics and related systems in many countries:

Defense Industry Initiative

US Federal Sentencing Guidelines

OECD – Convention on Combating Bribery- 1997

OECD- Recommendation of the Council – Bribery – 2009

OECD – Good Practice Guidance -2010

Weil – OECD Good Practice Guidelines -2010

Murphy- Commentary on OECD Good Practice Guidance – 2012

UN Global Compact

Keith T. Darcy is Executive Director of theEthics & Compliance Officer Association (ECOA)and Chairman of the ECOA Foundation. Darcy
has combined a 40-year career in the financialservices industry with his profession as an educatorand his long-term involvement in business
ethics, corporate governance and organizationalleadership. Since 1994 Darcy has been teachingEthics and Leadership in the Executive Programs atThe Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.He is an Executive Fellow of the Ethics ResourceCenter in Washington, D.C., and served on theGlobal Anti-Corruption Council of the WorldEconomic Forum headquartered in Davos,Switzerland From 2007-2012.

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