BDTI Welcomes Two Experienced Executives, from NTT and Advantest, to its Own Board

BDTI is pleased to announce that Messrs. Koichiro Hayashi and Yuri Morita have recently joined BDTI's board as directors. Both gentlemen bring skills and perspectives that willhelp usimproveour course lineup.

Mr Hayashi was an executive at the NTT Group for many years,during which time he served not only as the President of NTT Americabut alsoas a director of a(non-NTT) listed U.S. company board. He is an expert on information security issues and a former President of theInstitute of Information Security.

Mr. Moritagained a wealth of experienced gained at several companies, most recently Advantest, where he served as the full-time statutory auditor.His experience as the former head of multiple legal departments, and on large cross-border M&A deals, will likewise be invaluable to BDTI. Fully bilingual, Mr. Morita is a keen observer of corporate governance developments abroad.

Koichiro Hayashi, Ph.D., LL.D.
Professor, Institute of Information Security

After graduating from the Law Department of the University of Tokyo, Mr. Hayashi entered Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (the currentNTT Group). After privatization he served as General Manager of NTT’s Leased Circuit Department. He was then transferred to the U.S. to become a President of NTT America, Inc., at which time heserved as a director of Nextel Communications, Inc.. While working in the NTT Group, he gave lectures at Hitotsubashi University, Waseda University, University of Tokyo as a part-time instructor. After his retirement from NTT, Mr. Hayashi served as a professor of the Institute for Media and Communications Research at Keio University. In 2004 he become a professor at the Institute of Information Security, where he subsequently served as President between 2009 and 2011.

Yuri Morita
Advisor, Advantest Corporation

After graduating from the Law Department at the University of Tokyo, Mr. Morita entered Fujitsu Limited in 1972. He was promoted the Department of Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property in 1991. In 1994 he joined Fukutake Publishing Co., Ltd. (Benesse Corporation) served as the head of Legal Department. He joined Advantest Corporation as head of Legal Department in 1995. After serving Managing Executive Officer in charge of Administration and Statutory Corporate Auditor, he assumed his current position as Advisor.

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