A Risk-Intelligent View of Reputation: An Outside-In Perspective (Deloitte)

(From Deloitte – download the full whitepaper below)- Reputation risk management is an even greater challenge today than a decade ago due to the increasingly global, interconnected, and interdependent nature of today’s marketplace, including exposure to a wide range of stakeholder opinions through social media.

It can take a long time to build a solid reputation, but not long at all to impair or lose it. Since a reputation can make or break a company, we now regard reputational risk as a “meta risk,” a potential threat to survival, standing at the forefront of a short list of key strategic and operations concerns.

Our new whitepaper, “A Risk Intelligent view of reputation: An outside-in perspective,” developed in collaboration with RiiЯ Ltd., explores the importance of staying on top of the latest reputational risk management approaches. Our Risk Intelligent approach, for example, takes an “outside-in” perspective, which relates enterprise reputation matters to strategic outcomes, value protection, and importantly, value creation. In fact, Risk Intelligence can be instrumental in supporting an outside-in perspective by helping to identify sources of opportunities and threats on a continuous basis.

Download the full report at: http://bdti.mastertree.jp/f/q98ybcj6.

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