Governance in Japanese Hospitals (by John Wocher)

John Wocher, Executive Vice President of the famous Kameda Medical Center in Chiba, has shared with us his article that appeared in Japan Hospitals recently. It can be downloaded (press download asset at lower right) on the Data Library:

John's introduction of what he subsequently explains in detail:

I have written, published and have spoken widely on this subject, and in talking with many of my colleagues in Japanese private hospitals as well as visiting with them, the issue of leadership and governance is often discussed. I am amazed that in my conversations that the concept of governance seems to be vague and abstract. There is general consensus that leadership by the executive staff is a key ingredient in hospital reputation and success, but exactly how board members fulfill their responsibilities is not well understood. Certainly the most powerful and influential member of the hospital staff is the incho (CEO or president), but what of the Chairman of the Board and other board members? What is it that they actually do between board meetings and what should they be doing?

Clearly, governance is not merely a corporate issue.

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