BDTI’s Survey on “Responsiblity for Fukushima” (Responses Regarding the Board, Now in English)

OnBDTI's Japanese discussion forum, you can download all the responses we have received so farto our survey on who and what are responsible for Fukushima?As you might guess, manyof the responses are pithy and from the heart, and seem to indicate achange in the mood of the populusregarding the need to to improvecorporate governace and risk management.

Alex Galmeanu, an expert in market research with an MBA from Hokkaido University, was kind enough to translate the responses toQuestion #7 into English. This was the question that asked respondents what they thought of the composition of Tepco's board of directors. His translation can be downloaded here:

(To download, click on Download Asset at the lower right)

Readers may also be interested in the following article in the Wall Street Journal, The Fukushima Warning:

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